Susanne Koch - City Guide In Vienna

the most liveable town in the world

Wine Tours


The historical development of cultivation and harvesting of wine in and around Vienna is one of my favourite topics. With my wine tours I want to show how wine is produced in many different ways in and around Vienna, and how so often the wine from Vienna has played an important role in history.

©Reza Sarkari

Walking Tours in Vienna

With my walking tours I will explain the development of Vienna from a small village to a metropolitan city from different point of views. The Viennese people have left traces in arts, in architecture, in music and many different aspects.

©Reza Sarkari

Bus Tours

Wether city tour or country trip I want to show you a bigger range of architecture, art and culture as well as the different landscapes in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland by bus.

© WienTourismus/Paul Bauer

©Reza Sarkari

About Me

After my final exams at school and 6 months in Hawaii I decided for a career in the field of tourism. I studied International Tourism Managment and afterwards worked in the congress organisation and incoming tourism. In this time I had contact to many tour guides and I planned and organised a lot of walking and bus tours.

History and stories always fascinated me. As a tour guide I may now combine both. On the one hand I use my organisational talent and on the other hand I would like to share my knowledge about historical facts but funny anecdotes too with you.

I am looking forward to showing to you Vienna’s different faces and to giving you an understanding of art and cultur of this town.